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Clearing up ingredient claims confusion: Part 2

Posted by Chiarina Crawford on Thu, Jul 21, 2016

In the second part of our Ingredient Claims Confusion webinar recap (see Part 1 here), we highlight top tips for creating safe and effective new products from Greg Horn, President of Speciality Nutrition Group Inc.


In order to create safe and effective new products, the development process is divided into 4 steps:

  • Product research
  • Quality/food safety
  • Process
  • Product analytics

To avoid some of the common mistakes companies make at each stage of the product development process, here is a list of best practices to use as a guide:

Assess the market and the unmet need

  • New nutrition products should fill an unmet need
  • Avoid copycat products!
  • Worst practice is not to give this any thought

Pick the right manufacturer

  • Match your needs with manufacturer capabilities
  • Ensure your company and/or products are compliant with independent certifiers

Test the final product

  • Obtain a certificate of analysis through independent testing
  • Verify that what’s on the label is in the product (standard practice now, but some companies don’t do this)

Validate final product with clinical studies

  • Verify that the product works (i.e., conduct a clinical trial to confirm its efficacy)

Keep control of quality

  • Whoever is selling the product must ensure quality is controlled

Above all, cultivating consumer trust is the end goal. Products that have a high degree of efficacy and integrity, and are substantiated by science and compliant with safety and quality standards, gain the most consumer trust.

For guidance on claims substantiation for your product, we invite you to speak with a member of our regulatory affairs team. Contact us at and we will respond directly within two business days.

Click to view the full Ingredient Claims Confusion webinar.

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