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The Latest in Food Allergen Labelling: Sesame

Posted by Ruth Conroy, Marketing Manager on Mon, Apr 26, 2021

Sesame has recently been added to the list of major food allergens, here's what you need to know for product labelling.

What has changed? The Big 8 is now the Big 9?

US congress recently passed the Food Allergy, Safety, Treatment and Research (FASTER) Act. President Biden’s signature today confirms sesame will be added to the list of major food allergens.

The Big 8 allergens are now the Big 9, and industry will be required to label sesame’s presence in food labeling . No longer can sesame hide in a “seasonings” declaration.

Just signed (April 26, 2021) : see President Biden signs FASTER ACT into law making sesame the ninth major food allergen (


When must these changes be implemented?

January 1, 2023 is the deadline for manufacturers to list sesame as an allergen on food labels.


What does this mean for public health?

Not knowing if sesame is present in food is concerning for 1.6 million Americans with a sesame allergy and the 75,000 Canadians with a probable sesame allergy.

By having sesame labelled on food packaging, those with sesame allergies will be informed and there will be a greater awareness and management of food safety regarding allergies. 


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