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How to Choose an Analytical Testing Lab for Dietary Supplements

Posted by Nutrasource on Mon, Jan 26, 2015

You are in charge of managing outsourcing for your company and you need to contract an accredited third party laboratory to provide analytical services to support your company’s analytical development. Which lab do you choose, and how do you select the right one out of the thousands of labs available?

The optimal selection of your analytical partner is an essential element to the overall strategy of your business.  You are choosing a partner that can not only have significant financial implications for your company but may also affect your company’s reputation and how it is perceived in the marketplace.

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The Value of Third-Party Certifications for the Natural Health Industry

Posted by Jennifer Andrews, M.Sc., MBA, Marketing Director on Tue, Aug 12, 2014

Consumer interest in quality, transparency, traceability and labelling has grown substantially in the past decade.  According to the Supplements/OTC/Rx (SORD) database, an ongoing market research platform launched in 2006, 44% of consumers are concerned about supplement quality.

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