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Clearing up ingredient claims confusion: Part 1

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Nutrasource expands its clinical trials team

A new look at designing and evaluating clinical research for omega-3s

Hot product categories spotted at Engredea/Expo West

Top questions to ask our regulatory and clinical team at Engredea/Expo West

Probiotics, Allergies and the Evaluation of Clinical Studies

Weight Management in the Elderly: An Opportunity for Clinical Trials?

Taking an integrated clinical and regulatory approach for the prebiotic/probiotic market

Why the days of cookie-cutter testing methods for supplements are over

CBC cites inaccurate lab testing results as reason for Marketplace supplement report retraction

New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) notifications remain a hot-button issue for dietary supplement industry

Discover the optimal regulatory pathway for your omega-3 product at GOED Exchange 2016

Roadblocks to food product innovation: Expert panel insights from 25th Canadian Conference on Fats and Oilseeds

Clinical research 101: What you need to know about phase I, II, III and IV clinical studies

Developing a dietary supplement? Start with the product claim

New webinar: Learn how the supplement market is changing, and how your brand can stay ahead of the curve - Oct 29th, 2015

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In-Depth Essentials Guide: The Changing Supplements Market

Product positioning tips for the dietary supplement industry

Staff Bio: Erin O'Reilly, Business Development Manager, Human Diagnostics

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Regulatory roundup: Top posts from our regulatory specialists in 2015

5 things you need to know about Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) filings for food ingredients

Health claims that can get you in hot water

Ready to take your product to the next level? Meet with our regulatory and R&D experts at Vitafoods Europe to find out how

Product testing resources we love (and you should, too!)

You asked, we answered: top regulatory, R&D and testing questions we hear on the trade show floor

Clean label trends dominating the natural product space

Client success stories within Ingredient Marketplace’s “hot topics” product categories

So far, soy good: Canadian government green lights new health claim for soy foods and cholesterol lowering

Natural claims, GMO ingredients and more: a few things we learned on the Engredea/Expo West education track

The Future of GRAS

Learn new solutions for GMO transparency at our special Engredea/Expo West lecture

Use science to sell your product at Engredea/Expo West 2015

Making the most of your product’s health claims during Heart Month

Can your natural health product claims stand up to the FTC?

Top natural health events we’re looking forward to in 2015

Meet Tania: Associate Director, Nutrition and Nutraceutical Research Division

How to choose an analytical partner

Regulatory shakers and newsmakers: 2014 edition

Weight loss supplements – is your company at risk?

3 product label trends dominating the natural health industry

Undeclared ingredients continue to find their way into dietary supplements

Seasons greetings from the Nutrasource team, plus a look back at 2014

Safety considerations with FDA’s anticipated NDI guidance document

Launching or re-positioning a product? Here are 4 of the most common regulatory hurdles you could be faced with

Clinical trials in Canada: Current issues and hot topics

Top 10 stability storage and testing FAQs

Effective data management for clinical research

Stability testing for dietary supplements: How can your company benefit

SupplySide West 2014: Top 5 things we’re excited about

Product trends spotted at Natural Products Expo East 2014

Nutrasource acquires GRAS Associates LLC

Top 5 things we’re looking forward to at Natural Products Expo East 2014

Fall event primer: Natural health and pharma events we’re attending this season

Meet our Director of Clinical Trials, Dr. Maggie Laidlaw

The value of third party certifications for the natural health industry

Health Canada announces proposed changes to food labelling

Ethoxyquin detected in krill oil products

Staff Bio: Katherine Welsh, Data Management Manager

Nutrasource ranks on the PROFIT 500 list for the 5th time

Canadian Association of Professionals in Regulatory Affairs (CAPRA) Education Day: A Recap

Regulatory guidelines have you feeling stuck? Connect with us at the BIO International Convention to find out how we can help

Special SupplySide Omega-3 Insights feature: The potential impact of product-specific data for omega-3 sales and marketing ROI

My biggest takeaways from Experimental Biology 2014: Dr. Maggie Laidlaw

5 things that just might make Ingredient Marketplace our favourite trade show of the year

Connect with us next week at Vitafoods Europe

Regulatory updates: April

Top trends spotted at Engredea and Expo West 2014

Time for an update? The U.S. FDA proposes changes to food labels

The Value of Product-Specific Data for Sales and Marketing ROI: From Farm to Pharm and Everything in Between

Top 5 things we’re looking forward to at Engredea 2014

Attending Engredea 2014? Here's a sneak peek of Will Rowe's lecture on the value of product-specific data for health product sales and marketing

Regulatory updates: February

View Dr. Steve Li's full GOED Exchange presentation on novel omega-3 stability testing methods

Case Study: femMED

Meet our President & CEO: William Rowe

Regulatory Updates: January

We’re proud sponsors of GOED Exchange 2014, THE conference for the omega-3 industry

3 industry events we’re looking forward to in 2014

Laboratory Testing Feature: Isolation and Characterization of Trace Impurities in Pharmaceutical Products

Nutritional Expert, Dr. Maggie Laidlaw, finds flaws in multivitamin attack editorial

Happy Holidays from NDI, plus our 5 most read blog posts from 2013

Nutrasource welcomes Joshua Baisley to the team

Best practices for choosing a contract research organization

How to test for natural health product quality in Canada

How to overcome common R&D challenges in the health product industry

9 things I’m looking forward to at SupplySide West

Laboratory Feature: Analytical Techniques for Determining Free Fatty Acids in Plasma

Results of DNA barcoding test suggests industry is still in transition

New testing method, the True Anisidine Value (TAV) test, solves omega-3 industry problem

Understanding the Concept to Claim Pathway

Regulatory Update: Transfer of Responsibility for International Trade Certificate (ITC) Issuance

Laboratory Feature: Perspectives on Guidelines for Dermal Absorption and Quality of Transdermal Patches

8 Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward to Natural Products Expo East

NDI exhibiting at Natural Products Expo East

Laboratory Testing Feature: An overview of skin in vitro percutaneous absorption and drug release

Publish product test results and better your business

How to: Grow your Business using a Contract Research Organization

How to bring Natural Health Products to the Canadian Market

5 Questions to ask when Navigating the Regulatory Pathway

Clearing up the Confusion: Structure-Function Health Claims

Keeping Goals in Focus when Choosing a Clinical Study

5 Most Common Sports and Fitness Supplements

4 Things to Consider when Choosing a Sports and Fitness Supplement

New Guidelines for Caffeine-Containing Dietary Supplements

INFOGRAPHIC: Ingredient-Health Relationships

Engredea 2013: Industry Trends to Watch

Guest Post: Why Fish Oil Should be Third-Party Tested

How Natural Health Product Marketing Claims are Regulated in Canada

Omega-3 Expert: Take the Vancouver Sun Fish Oil Study with a Grain of Salt

Health Canada to open Clinical Trials Database to the Public

Health Canada Pubishes Guidance Documents for Natural Health Products

Definition of ‘Drug’ Challenged in a Lawsuit Against Health Canada

A New Approach to Natural Health Products

7 Health and Wellness Trends Spotted @ SupplySide West 2012

The problem with Canadian universities and R&D for agricultural products

Why the Gap Between Research and Regulations Limits Development of Agricultural Products

INFOGRAPHIC: Your Health in One Drop

Celebrate NHP Week! November 12-18, 2012

NHPD is seeking feedback for the development of pre-cleared information for NHPs

Japan’s new testing standards threaten Indian shrimp industry

The DHA Score Breast Milk Test

30% of Omega-3 Supplements have Problems with Quality, Purity and Labelling

Human Diagnostic Spotlight: The Omega Score Test

Health Canada’s Position on Gluten-free Claims

NDI rides the Big Bike for the Heart and Stroke Foundation

What you need to know: New Licencing Pathway for NHPs (Part II)

Why Consider a Clinical Trial for Natural Health Products?

What it means for you: The Safe Food for Canadians Act

Cause for Concern: Tuna Sourced Fish Oils contain High Level of Toxins

Product Analytics Update: Chromium Contamination of Gelatin Capsules

Regulatory Update: Food-type NHPs transition to the food regulatory framework

Part II: Understanding natural health products

Part I: Understanding Natural Health Products

Regulatory Update: Energy Drinks now require TMAs in Canada

NDI featured in Everything is Growing in Guelph video

NDI heads Stateside: Engredea and Natural Products Expo West 2012

Regulatory Update: An Overview of Health Canada's New Policy on Dietary Fibre

Welcome to the Nutrasource blog

Regulatory Update: The End of UPLAR - Implications and Next Steps